Danielle DeMattia –

Additional Info:

Danielle is our junior stylist. She has a upbeat personality and is eager to please. Danielle came to us with a barbering background. She enjoys being creative with the newest trends in men’s hairstyling and beard trimming. As much as she enjoys servicing the men and children portion of our clientele she always loves working with the ladies side of services. Danielle likes to keep up to date with the latest styles, cuts, colours, highlights and treatments for hair as well. She has an open mind and believes hair shows and education are an important part of our industry. And she is so right! She has fun and loves doing upstyles for special occasions and being a part of clients exciting events. Danielle is always eager to please and anxious to expand her clientele here at Chantelle’s Salon and Spa.
Cuts, Colours, Highlights, Upstyles and Barbering.