Spa Treatments


Upgrade to Brazilian$17.00

Mini Facial (30 Minutes) $35.00
A perfect facial to maintain great skin or get a taste of what you can get out from your skin.
Includes cleanser, massage, mask, toner and moisturizer
Teen Facial (30-45 Minutes) $45.00
The perfect facial to encourage teens to create a healthy skin care habit. This facial will promote the production of collagen and clarify the skin.
Classic Collagen Facial (45-60 Minutes) $55.00
Ideal treatment for a variety of skim types. Enjoy the quality, simplicity and effectiveness of our classic facial using our collagen and elstin products. Simply put, great skin starts here. Your skin will feel pampered and renewed.
Calming Facial (60 Minutes) $65.00
An excellent facial for sensitive skin prone to redness. Your skin will feel refreshed using Elastin protein to normalie the basic function of the skin. Leave your skin in a calm, relaxed state.
Specialty Collagen Elastin Treatment (60 Minutes) $80.00
This nourishing facial explores the core active proteins found in the Clayton Shagaf skin care. A highly effectice treatment which utilizes concentrated protein serums to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin.
The Ultimate Facial (60-75 Minutes) $90.00
An ideal hydrating treatment for dehydrated, aging or mature skin. Rejuvenated thirsty skin with the intense penetration of serums and gels to nourish and strenghten the skin fibers increasing moisture retention. Leave skin looking younger and glowing.
The Brightening Facial (45-60 Minutes) $90.00
A natural composition of our AHA prodcuts help to brighten and lighten the skin. An excellend treatment for skin conditions or anyone seeking a brighter complextion. Leave dull skin behind.
Make up Application (30 Minutes) $30.00
Brow Tint $15.00
Lash Tint $21.50
Brow & Lash Tint $34.00
Women’s Relaxation Massage (30 Minutes) $40.00
Lash Extension Partial $45.00
Full $80.00
Eyebrow Arch $10.50
Upper Chin $10.50
Chin $10.50
Sideburn $10.00
Facial Waxing ( any 2) $19.00
Brow, Lip, Chin $30.00
Full Face $35.00
Back or Chest $38.00
Underarm $18.00
Arm (Half) $20.00
Arm (Full) $26.00
Bikini $24.00
Brazilian $45.00
Brazilian and Thong $49.00
Legs Upper (Includes Bikini) $39.00
Lower $29.00
Lower Leg & Bikini $39.00
Full Leg $45.00
Full Leg & Bikini $55.00
Vacation Special $78.00
Full Leg, Bikini, Underarm & Brow
Upgrade to Brazilian $17.00

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